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    Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

    GENERAL The sacroiliac joint is a quite common cause of chronic low back pain. According to the criteria set by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), the sacroiliac joint pain is defined as the pain which is located in the sacroiliac joint, reproduced with provocation and stress-inducing tests of the joint and [...]

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    Interstitial Cystitis

    GENERAL Interstitial cystitis, or else known as “Painful Bladder Syndrome”, is a rare, chronic, painful disorder characterized by urgency and frequency of urination and chronic pelvic pain. The disorder mainly occurs in women but may also occur in children and men. The chronicity of the disorder and the high difficulty of finding an effective treatment [...]

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    Cancer Pain

    GENERAL Thirty per cent (30%) of cancer patients suffer from pain during the diagnostic phase and 65-85% experience severe pain in more advanced stages of the disease. According to Cleeland et al, 67% of patients treated for the disease in an outpatient setting experience pain which is undertreated and, as a result, they have a [...]

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    GENERAL Migraine without aura occurs in about one third of patients suffering from headache and is relatively easy to diagnose. Migraine patients typically have a number of relapsing episodes of moderate to severe headache, which may be unilateral or/and pulsating and may last for part of the day up to 3 days long. The episode [...]

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    Cluster Headache

    GENERAL Cluster headache is a primary neurovascular headache. It is a strictly unilateral (one-sided) headache, concomitant with symptoms of the autonomic nervous system in the head. It is characterised by the clustering nature of episodes. Episodes may be provoked by vasodilators, such as alcohol and nitroglycerine. The incidence rate of the disease in the population [...]

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    Cervical Facet Joint Syndrome

    GENERAL One of the most common causes of chronic cervical (neck) pain is the facet joint syndrome. More than 50% of patients visiting pain clinics for cervical pain, suffer from facet joint syndrome. This percentage is far higher than the corresponding rate of patients suffering from lumbar facet joint syndrome. ANATOMY Every vertebra has two [...]

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    Atypical Prosopalgia

    GENERAL According to the International Headache Society, atypical prosopalgia is defined as the continuous facial pain not having the classical features of cranial neuralgias and for which no specific cause can be identified.  According to these criteria, the diagnosis of atypical prosopalgia is considered probable if the facial pain is well-localised, daily and lasts throughout [...]

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    GENERAL Syringomyelia is a general term referring to a disorder in which a cyst or a cavity is formed within the spinal cord. This cyst, called a syrinx, may expand and elongate over time, damaging the spinal cord and ultimately leading to paralysis if appropriate measures are not taken. The temporary damage may lead to [...]

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    Phantom Limb Pain

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    Post-traumatic and Post-operative Neuropathy

    GENERAL Post-traumatic and post-operative neuropathy refers to a neuropathic type of pain occurring after an injury or after a medical intervention, such as surgical operation, injection, radiotherapy etc. The patient usually suffers for a long time from intense pain in the innervation area of the affected peripheral nerve, after having visited doctors of various specialties [...]