Technology and Chronic pain

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    St. Jude Medical Receives European Regulatory Approval for its Neurostimulator to Treat Intractable Chronic Migraine

    CE Mark approval expands treatment options for patients suffering from the pain and disability associated with intractable chronic migraine ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–St. Jude Medical, Inc. (NYSE:STJ), a global medical device company, today announced it has received the industry’s first and only regulatory approval for the use of an implanted neurostimulation device for patients with [...]

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    Novel Device to Treat Cluster Headaches Shows Promise in Preliminary Study

    press release June 27, 2011, 2:00 a.m. EDT Autonomic Technologies Announces Positive Preliminary Findings For A Novel Device for the Treatment of Severe Headache Data Presented at Late Breaking Session of International Headache Congress in Berlin REDWOOD CITY, Calif. & BERLIN, Jun 27, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Autonomic Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the developer of a [...]

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    Opioid (Fentanyl) Nasal Spray

    GENERAL During the last years since 2008, approximately 2 billion dollars have been invested worldwide on research and production of drugs in the form of a nasal spray. Such drugs are calcitonin for osteoporosis, desmopressin for enuresis and triptanes for migraine. A new pharmaceutical product has circulated in Greece lately. It is administered transnasally to [...]

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    Implantable Infusion Pump of Drastic Drugs

    What is an implantable drug infusion pump? As opposed to drugs delivered by different routes of administration to systematic circulation, the implantable pump delivers drastic drugs through an implanted catheter straight into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. This mode of drug administration achieves more effective analgesia with fewer and more tolerable drug side-effects. Information [...]

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    Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

    GENERAL Spinal cord stimulation is a neuromodulation therapy. The term “neuromodulation” refers to therapies which stimulate, inhibit or coordinate the activity of neurons or neuronal networks through the electric or chemical change of  signal transmission to the nervous system. In this way, pain signals are interrupted and modified during their course from the spinal cord [...]