Dimitris Papadopoulos MD Fellow Of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP)

Updated 30 December, 2010

ALLODYNIA = feeling of pain due to a stimulus which does not normally provoke pain

DYSAESTHESIA= spontaneous or induced abnormal unpleasant feeling

HYPOAESTHESIA = reduced sensation of external stimuli

HYPERAESTHESIA = increased sensation of external stimuli

HYPERALGESIA = excessive sensitivity to stimuli which normally provoke only mild pain

HYPOALGESIA = reduced sensitivity to external painful stimuli

HYPERPATHY = cumulative reaction to a repeated external stimulus

PARAESTHESIA = abnormal sensation in any part of the body (usually in extremities) described as numbness, touch sensation, tickling, light tingling

SOMATOSENSORY RECEPTOR = sensory nociceptor

SOMATIC PAIN = pain in bones or/and muscles clearly localized and superficial

VISCERAL PAIN =  deep, not clearly localized pain, due to damage or dysfunction of viscera

NEUROPATHIC PAIN = pain due to impairment or dysfunction of the peripheral or central nervous system

NEURALGIA =  pain along a nerve pathway

RADICULITIS = inflammation of a nerve root arising from the spine

RADICULOPATHY = painuful dysfunction of a nerve root due to inflammatory or traumatic aetiology

NEUROLYSIS =  therapeutic ablation of a nerve or/and ganglion with application of radiofrequency or injection of substances, such as phenol or alcohool

PAIN THRESHOLD = the lowest intensity limit of a stimulus causing pain

TOLERANCE =  need for a larger dose of an administered drug to achieve the same therapeutic result

PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE = a condition where an intense disturbance is manifested with abrupt discontinuation of narcotic substances

ADDICTION = psychological dependence on a substance resulting in the user’s pathological and excessive craving for this substance

ANALGESIA = absence of the feeling of pain as response to a pain stimulus

ANAESTHESIA DOLOROSA = pain in a region which is already under anaesthesia

PAIN = an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience accompanied by an actual or potential impairment, or is described as such