Lower Limbs Pain

  • Plantar Pain – Plantar Fascitis

    Panos Symeonidis Orthopaedic Surgeon Foot & Ankle Specialist www.foot-ankle.gr Introduction Approximately one out of ten people will suffer from plantar heel pain at least once in their lives. Despite the fact that the symptom of plantar pain is so common, its exact cause cannot always be identified. In the majority of cases, plantar heel pain […]

  • Meralgia Paraesthetica

    CAUSES Meralgia Paraesthetica is the condition where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is compressed by the inguinal ligament, due to obesity, pregnancy or belt worn too tight around the waist. ANATOMY The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is part of the lumbar plexus and  is formed by branches of the 2nd and 3rd lumbar spinal nerve […]

  • Lumbar Radicular Pain (Sciatica)

    GENERAL Lumbar radicular pain or sciatica, as most commonly known, is defined as pain induced by irritation, inflammation, pressure or injury of a lumbar spinal nerve. The pain is located in the ipsilateral lower extremity and is characterized as a sharp, stabbing, electric shock sensation. Lumbar radicular pain has to be differentiated from lumbar radiculopathy. […]

  • Piriformis Muscle Syndrome (PMS)

    GENERAL The Piriformis Muscle Syndrome is a disorder in which the piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve and causes pain starting from the buttock, radiating posteriorly to the thigh and down to the foot. The pain is similar to the typical sciatica resulting from a herniated intervertebral disc. The syndrome is more frequent in women […]