Pelvic Pain

  • Interstitial Cystitis

    GENERAL Interstitial cystitis, or else known as “Painful Bladder Syndrome”, is a rare, chronic, painful disorder characterized by urgency and frequency of urination and chronic pelvic pain. The disorder mainly occurs in women but may also occur in children and men. The chronicity of the disorder and the high difficulty of finding an effective treatment […]

  • Coccygodynia (Coccyx pain)

    GENERAL Coccygodynia is a painful disorder of the last part of the spine, right above the rectum. The aetiology is usually post-traumatic and more rarely idiopathic. In some rare cases, pre-coccygeal epidermoid cyst may cause coccygodynia. There is a clear correlation between coccygodynia and gender.  The incidence ratio women/men is 5:1. There is also correlation […]