• Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nutrition

    Many people around us suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. How does nutrition affect their condition and what should they be careful of, so as not to aggravate their condition? How can nutrition improve their quality of life? Energy It is wise to follow up our body weight and accordingly regulate the energy we receive, in order […]

  • Osteoporosis and Nutrition

    Osteoporosis is the disease of bones in which bone density is reduced, resulting in high risk for fractures. Osteoporosis is an indolent and severe problem affecting not only women but also men. According to recent data of the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation (ELIOS), one out of three women in Greece will manifest osteoporosis within the next […]

  • The 10 most important mistakes most people make about diets

    Most people have followed a diet at least once in their life in their effort to lose their extra weight. Some of them have done well, others not well enough. Most people find it difficult to maintain the weight they have lost. There are many factors why this happens. The most important mistakes made by […]

  • Nutrition and Stress

    Can a balanced nutrition fight stress? Nutrition, on its own, cannot eliminate stress from our life because a more holistic lifestyle change is needed. However, nutrition can improve our resistance to stress, improve our potential to overcome it more easily and reduce its long-term effects. When we submit ourselves to stressful conditions (and this happens […]

  • Tea: A traditional but always modern beverage. Do you know how beneficial it is?

    Tea has been known for centuries now. The Chinese were the first to use it both as a medicine and a drink in social events. In Europe it became known in the 16th century. In 1650 it was introduced for the first time in Britain and was adopted mainly by the upper social classes. It […]

  • Pomegranate Fruit

    Pomegranate is a fruit having the shape of an apple, red-gold colored outer skin and a thick calyx at the top. It was used as an ornamental element in Solomon’s temple church and the priests’ gowns and is also mentioned in the “Song of Songs” in the Old Testament. In the Greek tradition, pomegranate is […]

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